“Therapy helped me to realise that most of what has happened to me has been outside of my control and not my fault. Working with Wendy has helped me see that it’s how I deal with everything is the only thing I can control.”


“It was enlightening! I now understand my issues better and feel I can deal with them better”


“Wendy has this ability of making you feel safe and reassured before the sessions even began, with her calming spirit and warm welcoming. Her ability to remember every word that I spoke about from week 1 gave me confidence that she was really ‘listening’ to me and not just ‘hearing’ me. I have had many counselling sessions in my past, but this time it felt so different. I’m so looking forward to my future now!”


“Without the counselling service provided by my college I’m doubtful that I would have completed the course. I was on the verge of giving up the course when my sessions with Wendy began. I was falling behind and struggling to cope. Since counselling I have moved forwards, completed the course and enrolled on another. Counselling has improved so many aspects of my life. My friends and family have noticed the growth in my confidence and sense of self worth. Wendy was amazing. I never felt judged by her and felt she was a great ‘fit’. I always felt relaxed and safe around her. I liked that I felt supported in everything we have discussed and the changes I made, without feeling the pressure of time against me. I feel this service has been invaluable to me and my family.”

As for me, Wendy Ambrose

I love the work I do! To connect with others in a therapeutic relationship, and to be entrusted with their suffering and vulnerability, is a huge privilege. I am regularly rewarded by the emotional healing of my clients, which inspires me to continue and grow as a therapist. Never resting until the good is better and the better best!